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Basics of Market Research

Whether you are starting a new venture or looking to expand an existing business, sound information about your market is critical for success. You need to discover all you can about consumer preferences and buying habits, your competitors, and existing products.

Fundamentals of Web-Based Marketing

In this three-part course, we will discuss social media and how to develop an effective social media marketing plan. We will help you explore and refine your Internet strategy so that your website can become your most effective marketing tool. Lastly, we will review the basics of marketing and apply them to online business.

Increasing Web Site Traffic

In this course, we will help you explore and refine your Internet strategy so that your website can become your most effective marketing tool. We'll investigate ways you can improve communications with your customers and keep them coming back to your site. Finally, we'll consider ways to measure customer visit behaviour.

Les principes de base de l'étude de marché

Peu importe si vous démarrez une nouvelle entreprise ou si vous cherchez à augmenter les ventes d'une entreprise déjà établie, il est crucial de bien connaître votre marché pour assurer votre réussite.

Marketing and Customer Service

This module will be particularly relevant to individuals working in an existing business environment and who want to implement a customer service program. Customer service is a set of activities undertaken by a business whose purpose is to enhance customer satisfaction.

Marketing Basics

We will develop a working definition of marketing. We will illustrate that marketing is simply a process or set of activities whose goals are to provide goods and services to individuals.

Marketing Basics for Business Web Sites

In the course, we will review the basics of marketing and apply them to online business. We will examine ways to identify your target market and create an effective web marketing strategy.

Marketing Opportunities

We will examine three fundamental activities: Identifying opportunities; conducting market research; and understanding consumer behavior. We will take a closer look at the process to seek out attractive opportunities that a corporation, an individual, or a non-profit organization would undertake.

Mercadotecnia en los medios sociales

En este curso hablaremos sobre los medios sociales y el papel que desempeña la mercadotecnia en los medios sociales. Identificaremos las plataformas de medios sociales más utilizadas, explicaremos la importancia de cada una en un contexto de mercadotecnia y discutiremos los diversos aspectos del desarrollo de un plan de mercadotecnia en los medios sociales.

Principes fondamentaux du marketing

Nous développerons un modèle de définition du marketing. Nous illustrerons que le marketing est simplement un processus, ou un ensemble d’activités dont le but est d’offrir des biens et services aux individus.

Social Media and Your Organization

This online module provides company stakeholders and employees with a thorough understanding of how to develop and implement a social media policy.

Social Media Marketing

In this course we will discuss Social Media and the role of Social Media Marketing; we will identify commonly-used Social Media platforms and explain the significance of each in a marketing context; and we will discuss the various aspects of developing a Social Media Marketing plan.

The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix consists of creating the right balance of product, place or distribution, promotion, and pricing that will end up producing a satisfactory result. We will examine these main processes that make up marketing activity.

The Value of Brands

This course covers the many factors that contribute to the establishment of a brand. It explores the successful connections between business and consumer that a brand is able to enforce.