Operations Management

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Business Essentials: Change Management

This business essentials lesson concerns change management in the workplace.

Change Management

Effective leaders know how to develop change-friendly companies.

Coping with Change

This Coping with Change online training course is designed for all employees. Organizational change is unavoidable; companies need to pivot quickly and efficiently to remain competitive. However, the fear of the unknown can cause employees a lot of stress. By understanding the process of change and the typical responses to it, you will be able to use proven techniques and strategies to decrease the stress of change.

Gestión de cambio

Este curso describe cómo planear el proceso de cambio, abordar las fases de transición y asegurar resultados.

La gestion du changement

Les leaders efficaces savent comment développer le changement des entreprises en douceur. C'est le seul moyen de survivre.

Les 5 étapes dans la résolution des problèmes

Ce cours de formation en ligne Cinq étapes de la résolution des problèmes a été conçu pour superviseurs, les gestionnaires et les propriétaires d’entreprise. Pour résoudre les problèmes, il faut une méthode systématique qui définit la situation non désirée, et qui détermine puis élimine les causes profondes du problème. Ce cours présente une approche logique pour faire disparaître les principales causes du problème et empêcher que le problème soit récurrent.

Managing Change

This Managing Change online training course is designed for supervisors, managers and all employees tasked with managing change. This course outlines the skills required to manage organizational change, specifically Prosci’s change management strategy. By preparing for the upcoming change, you will be able to manage it better and in tangible ways. Once these management processes are set, you can continue to reinforce the change so that it becomes commonplace and part of the organization’s culture.

Operations Management

Operations Management is concerned with the work an organization must do to satisfy its customers. This comprehensive series will advise management consultants on current practices in operations management, as well as go into detail regarding best practices within the industry.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Learn about management and leadership, problem-solving and decision-making techniques.

Problem Solving in the Workplace

This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to solve some of your most important business problems using a logical method and supporting techniques. It also introduces the five-step process for solving problems.

Problem Solving: The 5 Steps

This course will define and explain the five steps involved in the problem-solving process. The five steps that will help solve any workplace dispute include defining the situation, providing a quick fix if necessary, identifying the root causes, taking corrective action, and evaluating and following up.

Project Risk Management

Risk can be an essential feature of any project. However, the decision to take risks should be based on the potential benefit, or the opportunity vs. the penalty.

Risk Management and Your Organization

This online module provides your organization’s employees and stakeholders with a thorough understanding of the Risk Management Policy.