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Acting Effectively on a Team

This Acting Effectively on a Team online training course was designed for all employees and supervisors. This course will help you contribute more effectively to your team and help your teammates do the same. It will expand your understanding of the challenges teams face and what you can do to overcome them.

Board Behaviour

This Board Behavior online training course is designed for new board members and other employees who aim to become board members. Working as a team is challenging, and it is no different when it comes to an organization's board of directors. Group cohesion in vision, mission, and action is critical. A high-functioning board trusts each other while being unafraid to face challenges together to achieve a common goal. This course highlights how to overcome issues in board dynamics, which will enable boards to be effective and efficient.

Business Continuity Planning: An Overview

This Business Continuity Planning: An Overview online training course is designed for employees in all industries with responsibilities for maintaining business functions and processes. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a comprehensive strategy to ensure the continued operation of critical business functions and processes in the event of disruptions or disasters. Learn about identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, assessing their potential impact on business operations, and developing strategies and procedures to mitigate those risks and maintain continuity.

Business Essentials: Managing People

This Business Essentials online training course provide fast, focused, video-based online training for the busy professional. Business Essentials: Managing People course presents four short video modules on key topics for new and experienced supervisors: setting boundaries, delegating, performance reviews, and managing workplace conflict. This course was designed for managers or supervisors.

Cómo llevar a cabo reuniones efectivas

Este curso de formación en línea Cómo llevar a cabo reuniones efectivas está diseñado para los directivos y para cualquier persona que dirija reuniones. En este curso, revisaremos las estrategias que lo ayudarán a planificar y llevar a cabo reuniones efectivas y a tener resultados visibles.

Conflict Management

This Conflict Management online training course is designed for employers, managers, and supervisors. This course will help you understand the difference between good or "functional" conflict and bad or "dysfunctional" conflict and provide a useful model of conflict development that can be used to diagnose and treat conflicts in the workplace.

Dar una retroalimentación efectiva

La retroalimentación es un proceso por el cual el desempeño efectivo es reforzado y se corrige el desempeño no deseable. Este curso proporcionará a usted estrategias para dar retroalimentación efectiva que sirva como una herramienta para aumentar el rendimiento y la moral.

Delegating I & II

In Delegating I online training course, we will explore the fundamentals and guideline of delegating. In Delegating II online training course we will recommend strategies that you can use to delegate effectively.  It will also explore ways to handle delegated tasks that get stalled and celebrate ones that are successfully completed.


This Delegating online training course is designed for employees leading teams, supervisors and managers. Delegation is an integral part of employee development, product improvement, and workload management. When done correctly, it can make your job easier and your subordinates' jobs more fun. By using just a few key tips and strategies, you can make it a win-win situation.

Delivering Effective Feedback

This Delivering Effective Feedback online training course was designed for employees seeking to grow in a management role and managers who want to develop their leadership skills. This course will provide you with strategies to give effective feedback that serves as a tool to enhance performance and morale within the company.

Desarrollo de un equipo de liderazgo fuerte

En este curso, se proporcionan los elementos clave para crear un equipo de liderazgo que dé el ejemplo para el resto de la organización.

Developing A Strong Leadership Team

This Developing A Strong Leadership Team online training course delivers the key elements of how to create a leadership team that is a model for the rest of the organization. This provides practical tools and methods to create and maintain a shared vision, define roles and responsibilities, and determine mutual goals and priorities.

Diriger efficacement les réunions

Ce cours de formation en ligne Diriger efficacement les réunions a été conçu pour les gestionnaires et tous ceux qui dirigent des réunions. Dans ce cours, nous examinerons les stratégies qui vous aideront à planifier et à mener des réunions efficaces et à obtenir des résultats concrets.

Effective Leadership

In this Effective Leadership online training course, you will have an opportunity to explore essential leadership skills. An effective leader knows how to mentor employees as they take on new projects and strive to grow professionally. This course will teach you the skills of effective leadership, how to motivate employees, overcoming negativity and how to coach employees.

Employee Motivation

This Employee Motivation online training course gives practical suggestions for identifying group and individual motivating factors and mobilizing them to energize employees. This course explores methods for revitalizing the workplace and encouraging initiative in employees and also gives an opportunity to reach a new awareness of the people who work for you and view them as major investors in your organization.

Employee Performance Recognition

In this Employee Performance Recognition online training course, you will learn the skills of recognizing employee performance and giving positive reinforcement as they are key elements of motivation. As a leader, you want to provide this positive reinforcement because it creates a work environment where employees can be motivated to do their best.

Empoderar a su gente

Como líder, se espera que usted delegue gran parte del trabajo a otros. En este curso, examinaremos cómo puede usted desarrollar relaciones y empoderar a las personas que usted dirige.

Empowering Your People

In this Empowering Your People online training course, you will examine the process of motivating and working with people that you lead and building relationships with the people you lead. This course will discuss the use of motivation to inspire in the workplace, how to identify techniques for working with people and how to understand how to use incentives and discipline.

Être un brillant superviseur

Ce cours examine les éléments les plus importants d’une supervision réussie, en portant une attention particulière sur les individus et les compétences organisationnelles.

Fournir une rétroaction efficace

La rétroaction est un processus par lequel le rendement efficace est renforcé et le rendement non désiré est amélioré. Ce cours présente des stratégies afin de donner une rétroaction efficace et ainsi améliorer la performance et le moral.

From Peer to Supervisor

This From Peer to Supervisor online training course is designed for supervisory employees. This course will help you make the transition from being a peer to managing the people you used to work with. We will give you strategies for handling the move from co-worker to supervisor and review some responsibilities that new supervisors find challenging.

Gérer des équipes efficaces

Ce cours de formation en ligne Gérer des équipes efficaces a été conçu pour les superviseurs et les gestionnaires. Les équipes peuvent fournir d’excellentes opportunités de collaboration et d'innovation, toutefois des obstacles peuvent parfois entraver la réalisation des objectifs. Dans ce cours, nous passerons en revue les stratégies pour diriger une équipe efficace.

Introduction à l'intelligence émotionnelle

L'intelligence émotionnelle est définie comme la capacité de reconnaître et de gérer les émotions, tant en nous-mêmes que chez les autres. Beaucoup de gens croient que l'IE est aussi importante que le QI comme indicateur du succès dans la vie et au travail.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

This Introduction to Emotional Intelligence online training course will give you an overview of EI and strategies to improve your own emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize and manage emotions, both in ourselves and in others. Many people believe that EI is as important as IQ as an indicator of success in life and in the workplace.

La délégation

La délégation efficace est une stratégie qu'utilisent les leaders pour économiser le temps, mettre en valeur le moral des employés, et former les nouveaux employés en mettant l'autorité entre leurs mains.

Le leadership du futur

Le leadership du futur est un programme d'apprentissage en ligne en cinq parties qui vous permettra d'examiner plusieurs aspects du leadership organisationnel.

Leadership for the Future

This online Leadership for the Future training course is a five-part program designed to help you develop the skills and attitudes you need to take an efficient and effective leadership role in your organization. The program will lead you through the process of becoming an effective leader in an organization, including ideas for personal development, the creation and implementation of vision, and working with people.

Leading Your Resources

This Leading Your Resources online training course is designed for all leaders in an organization or anyone seeking a leadership role. Leading people involves more than a vision and the ability to communicate is also a strategic activity. This course looks at the strategic aspects of leading people and will explore the skills you need to lead and motivate your human resources and skills for talent mining and team building.

Liderazgo efectivo

En el lugar de trabajo de hoy, no es suficiente simplemente con gestionar. Las organizaciones están buscando líderes. Convertirse en líder efectivo requiere tener una idea clara de las cosas que motivan a los empleados a dar lo mejor de sí mismos. También requiere habilidad en el manejo de los desafíos de la negatividad y los conflictos interpersonales. También requiere habilidades de asesoramiento. Un líder efectivo sabe cómo asesorar a los empleados mientras asumen nuevos proyectos y se esfuerzan por crecer profesionalmente.

Managing Change

This Managing Change online training course is designed for supervisors, managers, and all employees tasked with managing change. This course outlines the skills required to manage organizational change and prepare for it. Once these management processes are set, you can continue to reinforce the change so that it becomes commonplace and part of the organization’s culture.

Performance Management

This Performance Management online training course focuses on the important process of performance management and the day-to-day responsibilities of managers to conduct counseling conversations and apply corrective actions to help a company achieve success. This course will explore what performance management is, discuss the benefits of performance reviews, and the goal of a performance improvement plan.

Practice Active Listening

This Practice Active Listening online training course is designed for employees and employers. This course will help you improve your listening skills by explaining the difference between hearing and active listening, and outlining the steps involved in becoming an active listener. This course will teach you more about your customers and coworkers and be better able to meet their needs.

Pratiquer l'écoute active

Combien de fois êtes-vous sorti d'une réunion sans avoir un souvenir clair de ce dont vous avez discuté? Vous avez peut-être entendu ce qui s'est dit, mais vous n'écoutiez pas vraiment. Et voilà où est le problème.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

This Problem Solving and Decision Making online training course was designed for all employees and is a six module course. These courses will help you learn about problem solving in the workplace, problem solving 5 steps, work process basics, individual leadership power, developing a strong leadership team, and team problem solving.

Reconnaissance du rendement des employés

Reconnaître le rendement des employés et donner un renfort positif est un élément déterminant de la motivation. Maîtrisez cette aptitude et récoltez les avantages à avoir un employé ou une équipe motivée qui fournit un haut rendement.

Rendre votre personnel autonome

En tant que leader, vous devez déléguer la majorité des tâches aux autres. Ce cours examine comment bâtir les relations avec les gens que vous dirigez.

Résolution des problèmes en équipe

Ce cours de formation en ligne Résolution des problèmes en équipe a été conçu pour les superviseurs et les gestionnaires. En tant que chef d’équipe, vous êtes responsable de veiller à ce que votre équipe soit en mesure de résoudre des problèmes ensemble. Le travail d’équipe augmente considérablement la probabilité d’une résolution de problème efficace. Le travail d'équipe produira également de l'énergie positive et de l'enthousiasme au sein de l’équipe tout au long du processus de résolution des problèmes.

Running A Virtual Office

This Running A Virtual Office online training course identifies the potential benefits and pitfalls in managing a virtual workforce, gives guidelines for maintaining communication, monitoring productivity, and encouraging peak performance. There are methods for assuring alignment and consistency, and suggestions for preserving important working relationships without the traditional work structure.

Running Effective Meetings

This Running Effective Meetings online training course is designed for managers and anyone who conducts meetings. In this course, we will review strategies that will help you plan and conduct effective meetings and get observable results. This course will provide you techniques that will encourage participation and lead to a productive meeting.

Running Effective Teams

This Running Effective Teams online training course is designed for supervisors and managers and explores how to successfully manage a team to accomplish the desired results. Teams can provide a wonderful opportunites for collaboration and innovation, but sometimes hurdles get in the way of reaching objectives. In this course, we will review strategies for effective team leadership.

Strategic Management of Your Organization

This Strategic Management of Your Organization online training course provides an important tool for strategically managing an organization’s performance. This course will show what is involved in implementing a balanced scorecard in an organization. The balanced scorecard seeks to ensure the proper execution of strategy and to balance an organization’s current performance against the long-term health of the organization.

Succeed as a Supervisor

This Succeed as a Supervisor online training course details the most important elements of successful supervision, with attention to both people and organizational skills. There are tools and techniques for making the most of the talents of the work group, personal skill assessments, and methods for organizing and managing the workflow.

Team Problem Solving

This Team Problem Solving online training course is designed for managers and supervisors. As a team leader, you are responsible for making sure that your team knows how to solve problems together. Working together will greatly increase the likelihood of a high-quality solution. It will also generate energy and enthusiasm in the team for successful implementation.

Un leadership efficace

Aujourd'hui, il ne suffit plus de simplement gérer le milieu de travail. Les organisations cherchent de véritables leaders. Afin de jouer le rôle de leader, vous devez motiver vos employés à se surpasser.

Using Leadership Basics

This Using Leadership Basics online training course will provide the fundamental skills for leading a group: defining the task, establishing a vision, gaining commitment, and building relationships. This course guides you on how and when to use various leadership styles and gives smart techniques to help leaders direct the efforts of others.

Vision of Leadership

This Vision of Leadership online training course is designed for leaders in organizations; newly appointed leaders; anyone who is seeking a leadership role in an organization.  In this course, we will examine the process of developing and implementing a vision. An effective leader sees the whole picture and can articulate a broad perspective to others in order to create a common purpose that mobilizes people and coordinates their efforts. This course will help you develop and communicate your vision, deal with change as it happens, and make decisions.