Personal Leadership

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Amélioration de la productivité chez l'individu

Ce cours de formation en ligne Amélioration de la productivité individuelle a été conçu pour les employés et les employeurs. Ce cours présente des compétences en gestion des tâches et du temps qui vous permettront de devenir un employé plus précieux au sein de votre entreprise et plus productif dans votre vie personnelle. La productivité monte en flèche lorsque les gens maximisent leur temps et leurs efforts. Pour maximiser la productivité, vous devez connaître la valeur sous-jacente des tâches que vous accomplissez.

Aptitudes à l'écoute personnelles

Ce cours de formation en ligne Aptitudes à l’écoute personnelle a été conçu pour tous les employés. Ce cours est conçu pour aider les participants à améliorer leurs aptitudes à écouter en prenant conscience de leurs propres styles d’écoute à l’aide d’exercices pratiques.

Change Management

This Change Management online training course describes how to plan the change process, address the phases of transition, and ensure results. Organizations and businesses go through the change process on a fairly frequent basis. To achieve meaningful results, it is important for everyone involved in the process—initiators and executors—to support the change and to work together.

Communicating at Work

This Communicating at Work online training course is designed for supervisors and employees. This course explores the fundamentals of both interpersonal and organizational communications, it also provides a solid grounding in business ethics. This course goes into depth about how your success in the new workplace depends on excellent communication skills.

Communicating Interpersonally

This Communicating Interpersonally online training course is designed to help you learn to communicate effectively and how to practice perfecting and mastering these skills. This course will discuss how to improve your interpersonal communication skills, how to avoid adversarial situations, and how to communicate more effectively with managers and co-workers.

Cross Cultural Training

This Cross-Cultural Training online course explores the process of identifying cultural differences and addressing them effectively. Whether you’re traveling or working in a foreign land, or whether you have someone from a different country working within your organization, identifying cultural differences accurately and adapting to them is the key to communicating effectively in the workplace.

Developing Your Career Path

This Developing Your Career Path online training course will assist you in preparing a resume that effectively highlights your skills and experiences. You will learn about resume preparation, online job postings, and how to write an effective cover letter. This information will provide you with important knowledge to help you create your self-marketing strategy. 

Gestión de cambio

Este curso describe cómo planear el proceso de cambio, abordar las fases de transición y asegurar resultados.

Identifying and Avoiding Burnout

This Identifying and Avoiding Burnout online training course is designed for anyone with stress. People face stress in a variety of ways. Many can handle it in most instances but there are sometimes when the stress causes you to burn out. This course can help you recognize and avoid burnout in your life. We'll show you how.

Individual Anger Management

This Individual Anger Management online training course is designed to describe the essentials of managing anger in an appropriate and constructive manner. This course was designed specifically for the work environment, but the core elements of this training can be applied when you are at home or on the road.

Individual Goal Contract

This Individual Goal Contract online training course will teach you how to achieve goals by developing a self-initiated contract that formalizes your commitment to your goals. In this course, you will also learn how to use these contracts, how to set and meet deadlines, and strategies for meeting these goals.

Individual Goal Personalization

This Individual Goal Personalization online training course will teach you different methods of turning a goal into your own, ranging from understanding the nature of doubt, preventing sabotage by the subconscious, to adopting new types of positive behaviors such as role playing. Using these techniques, you will learn how to become a successful goal setter and achiever.

Individual Goal Setting

This Individual Goal Setting online training course outlines the fundamentals of effective goal setting and offers guidelines to help you achieve your goals. This course defines goals, outlines the fundamentals of goal setting, highlights the differences between wishes, resolutions, and goals, and sets out guidelines to help you achieve your goals.

Individual Goals and Challenges

This Individual Goals and Challenges online training course will provide you with tools to set and remain committed to designing and achieving your goals. You will learn how to commit your goals to paper, set timelines, and track your progress. This course will teach you the importance of setting, pursuing, and achieving your goals.

Individual Leadership Power

This Individual Leadership Power online training course is designed for supervisors and managers looking to develop their leadership skills. This course is designed to help you unleash your leadership potential. You will learn how to take a stand, achieve a goal, and motivate others. The course explains how most leaders are made rather than born and teaches you to develop your personal leadership power (PLP).

Individual Listening Skills

This Individual Listening Skills online training course is designed for all employees and explores the meaning of active listening and the reasons why people do not listen effectively. This course is designed to help participants improve listening skills through increased awareness of their personal listening styles and practical exercises to develop their listening skills.

Individual Priority Management

This Individual Priority Management online training course is about setting and ranking priorities, overcoming obstacles, evaluation, and adjustment. This course will explore how to use a priority process to achieve meaningful personal and career goals. It also provides numerous techniques and tips that will make priority management a key to successful accomplishments.

Individual Productivity Enhancement

This Individual Productivity Enhancement online training course is designed for everyone. This course teaches time and task management skills that will make you more valuable to your company and more productive in your personal life. Productivity soars when people get the most impact from their time and effort. To maximize productivity, you must know the underlying value of the tasks you do.

Job Search for Success

This Job Search for Success online training course is a seven-part course and is designed for employees searching for a new job. This course explores the contents, objectives, and features of a successful job search. Users will build a personal marketing strategy, create a resume and cover letter, learn skills for job interviews, and gain strategies to embark on a new job and career.

Les compétences nécessaires à l'entrevue

Les candidats à un emploi trouveront que ce cours leur offre les conseils de A-à-Z d'une entrevue d'emploi. Les stratégies et conseils suivants donnent des recommandations relatives aux préparations et outils préliminaires servant à répondre aux questions posées n entrevue.

Managing Change

This Managing Change online training course is designed for supervisors, managers, and all employees tasked with managing change. This course outlines the skills required to manage organizational change and prepare for it. Once these management processes are set, you can continue to reinforce the change so that it becomes commonplace and part of the organization’s culture.

Poder de liderazgo personal

Este curso de formación en línea Poder del liderazgo personal está diseñado para supervisores y gerentes que buscan desarrollar sus habilidades de liderazgo. Este curso está diseñado para ayudarlo a usted a desencadenar su potencial de liderazgo. Usted aprenderá cómo adoptar una postura, alcanzar un objetivo y motivar a otros.

Pouvoir de leadership personnel

Ce cours de formation en ligne Pouvoir de leadership personnel a été conçu pour les superviseurs et les gestionnaires qui souhaitent développer leurs compétences en matière de leadership. Ce cours est conçu pour vous aider à libérer votre potentiel de leadership. Vous apprendrez à prendre position, atteindre un objectif et motiver les autres.

Reaching Personal Goals

This Reaching Personal Goals online training course is designed for employees looking to achieve their personal goals. This course will give you a chance to change your life as you learn how to purposefully achieve your goals. You know your life could be better. You're not fulfilling your potential. Or maybe you've been wondering when your dreams will come true. This course will get you headed in the right direction and give you some tips for making it all happen!