Career Management

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Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career

This Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career online training course will introduce you to business etiquette principles and practices. This course will show you how they can be applied in typical business situations to put yourself and others at ease. Business Etiquette improves your chances of advancement and benefits your organization. 

La gestion de votre parcours de carrière

Le cours se concentre sur l'auto-analyse et aide à la planification de carrière, que vous souhaitiez trouver un nouvel emploi, faire un mouvement latéral, obtenir une promotion ou changer de carrière au sein de la même entreprise.

Managing Your Career Path

This Managing Your Career Path online training course provides ideas and exercises designed to help you formulate clear ideas about your career interests, skills, accomplishments, and work values. This course focuses on self-analysis and assists in career planning, whether you want to find a new job, make a lateral move, get a promotion, or change careers within the same company.

Negotiating Skills for the Professional

This Negotiating Skills for the Professional online training course will explore techniques for identifying customer expectations and determining how to meet them in a way that both parties are satisfied by the results. This course has checklists and discussion guidelines to help a sales professional master this essential communication skill.

Networking Your Career Path

In this Networking Your Career Path online training course, you will develop your initial network list of names and learn effective ways to begin using this list. The power of networking is evident in various studies of the job search process, which concluded that between 70 and 80 percent of all executive and managerial jobs are obtained through networking.