Customer Service: Telephone Skills

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Telepro Online - Complete Program

This TelePro® online training Program is essential for anyone who interacts with internal or external customers over the telephone. This comprehensive program offers twelve modules designed to develop the interpersonal skills of anyone who interacts with internal or external customers on the telephone. To be efficient and successful, professional service representatives must develop effective telephone skills.

Telepro Online Program - Group One: 'Connecting' with the Customer

These Telepro-Connecting with the Customer online training courses are suitable for all reps as a base program and as the sole program for reps who have minimal need for the more interactive skills of the other courses. These courses focus on improving the customer experience by improving the learner's ability to connect with the customer.

Telepro Online Program - Group Two: Managing the Call

These Telepro-Managing the Call online training courses focus on those skills necessary for managing the call and are more suitable for those who must use the skills of listening, questioning, and controlling the interaction to bring the call to a timely and appropriate response. These courses include; effective listening, questioning skills, establishing control of the call, and regaining control of the call.